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Grown ups

Wonderlab+ is a website for children and families from The Science Museum Group. Here you can play games, do quizzes, watch videos and be inspired to get hands-on with science and maths at home. 

Inspiring the next generation

Illustration of several generations of a family playing with building blocks

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists, inventors and engineers. Everyone should feel able to do science and maths, and as a parent or caregiver you can help children grow their confidence.  

All of the content on Wonderlab+ has been designed to help you and your children discover science together in fun ways. The activities, games and videos should be easy and safe to use and have been risk assessed. 

Illustration of a woman and a boy looking through a telescope at two trees

You’ll learn more about science too as you play alongside your children. Why not explore our Objects and Stories content for adults from the Science Museum, National Science and Media Museum, Science and Industry Museum and National Railway Museum, or the Science Museum Group's online collection?

If you’re a teacher, home educator or community group leader, why not explore our Learning Resources website?

Accessibility options

We want everyone to enjoy using Wonderlab+. 

Our content is tagged with sensory icons to let you know if an activity might be fiddly, messy, noisy, stimulating or contain flashing images.

Wonderlab+ features movement and animations. If you or your child would prefer not to see movement on the website, you can click the Animation On/Off button at the top of the page.

Decorative image showing the Animation On/Off button.

Staying safe

Illustration of a family playing with toy mice

The internet is a great place to find interesting, fun stuff. It’s important for young people to enjoy the time they spend online and be safe and happy. 

Wonderlab+ does not feature links to external sites, with the exception of the links on this Grown Ups page and our videos. All videos include a button which links out to 

We do not collect any personal data through this website. You can read the Science Museum Group's Privacy Policy here.